I like to think that I am in a perpetual state of state of growth and evolution. I am,  therefore quite hesitant to attempt to define myself, and thereby limit myself, with any sort of pompous artistic terminology, as I will certainly never limit myself to any particular subject matter or stylistic method.

Art is about self expression and self discovery. Oscar Wilde once wrote, “every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” I believe that this notion rings true throughout all of my work. Perhaps each piece of my art can be regarded as a fragment of a grand metaphorical self-portrait in the sense that it all represents aspects of my character. All of my work is created with passion, enthusiasm, and a certain sense of compulsion.

My paintings and drawings are reflections of people, objects, and/or situations that have influenced or inspired me in someway. Sometimes the attraction is purely aesthetic in a superficial way such as the luminosity or the dynamic energy of a composition. Other times, the subject matter has specific significance in the way that it means something to me - although I do not intend nor expect the viewer to necessarily understand just what that meaning is. Instead I strive to connect with the viewer on some level and perhaps evoke some sort of feeling within the viewer - be it merely a feeling of awe or nostalgia. In my mind, a successful painting is simply one which will cause the viewer to stop and say, “wow.”

The natural world continues to inspire, amaze, captivate, and challenge me. But rather than attempt to depict objects as exact renditions, I often maximize visual effects with bold use of colour, contrast and playful use of both energized and soft, subtle brushwork. Although photography provides much of the source material for my work, I would never intend to compete with a camera. Though my paintings and drawings are usually quite life-like, I do not consider myself a photo-realist. The physical process of applying paint with a brush creates a unique dynamic energy, impossible to replicate through any mechanical process. As a painter, I have the infinite ability to edit and improve upon what I observe as a photographer, thereby heightening the final viewing experience.

Oscar Wilde also wrote, “no great artist ever sees things as they really are, if he did, he would cease to be an artist.” With this in mind, I strive to create my own painterly reality in which all elements work together in perfect harmony allowing the art to take on a life of it's own.